i trail the lanes

of a greenhouse.

caressing the limbs of the living in hopes it will shed its life onto mine.

in hopes it will fulfill me with the energy

i once was known to have.

they reached out to me, so gentle and soft.

never intending to overgrow or invade the space of others like them,

but rather coincide with unity.

every atom within them glows.

i admire hands that have taken care of the vibrant shades of brilliance these seeds have grown into, and the even larger hands that created the seeds to begin with.

the sun is among the caretakers wandering the organized mess within these dirty windows. oh

the sun, my lover.

it didn’t take me long

to know you were the one for me

you were like that crush i had in middle school.

no, i never directly talked to him

or looked him in the eye

but i was always aware of his presence and that was enough to know,

i wanted him.

the recharging energy

radiating love and warmth to everyone he was near.

i want to chase you,

until the end of time.

even if you will never chase me back i could never get to tired of feeling how you make me feel.

you never have to get love back to really be in love


i do think you love me

i can hear you say it

through the bright pinks and oranges when you say goodnight and good morning.

i can feel it when you’re at your most intense moments,

you almost seem angry.

but, i know you’re just passionate,

desperate to give life.

i want to run away with you.

you are day

and you are light.

you have never left me

even though you pretend you disappear for a while you are only hiding behind the moon.

drawing me in,

lifting my chin,

going in for a kiss.

i’ve never tasted lips sweeter than yours.

mine are like bees to your honeycomb and i recharge from your electricity.

oh, the sun, my lover. you give life to the plants and you give life to me.

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