ode to the world.

does it hurt,

when you look at them?

crying at the sight of a child unborn

into the arms of a loving mother.

does it hurt you

when you hold them?

broken from the first person who

said love was real.

does it hurt

when you see ones that crawl

this earth,

so natural in their prowled way,

diminish at the loss of food

because you wanted more?

does it hurt,

when a homeless man smiles with a sign through your car window.

does it hurt

in july

when the first playful firework goes off,

and just for a second you think it’s a gun?

does it hurt so much that you hide under the table with your dog-

the mans best friend who always listens-

because too many of us don’t listen to each other.

do you feel it?

when the numbers keep going up

and our humanity keeps getting ignored

and the earth was once vibrant as our spirits and now

damaged is what we live with.

does it hurt you?

when you don’t get a chance to be understood,

so badly hurt that you can’t see

you hurt someone else,

so badly hurt you don’t want to face it enough to put the blame on yourself.

blaming God you claim you don’t believe in,

innocence simply wanting to help.

does it hurt you

when we die for our country.

we die for our.

we die for.

we die.

we lay still until we feel hopeless

and call even this, death.

does it hurt you when you reach “success” and find it’s meaningless?

do you feel it?


a missing something,

to be loved even though no being

can perfectly love.

to be understood,

when no one understands even themself.

if you feel it, why aren’t you changing?

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