pastime-a poem.

sometimes my mind drifts out to the center stage to ask the golden leaves to dance. to smile when the sun finally says good morning from underneath the clouds with arms spread and chin lifted. sometimes i drift inside my 1877 cappuccino. warm, just enough for a crisp sixty-something october morning. the leftover coffee kissed […]


Before, I couldn’t find the words to articulate exactly why I love photography-specifically catching fleeting moments in the lives of people. After processing this thought time and time again I think I can finally say I’ve settled on an answer to myself and others that can be best understood to how i feel: To prove […]

ode to the world.

does it hurt, when you look at them? crying at the sight of a child unborn into the arms of a loving mother. does it hurt you when you hold them? broken from the first person who said love was real. does it hurt when you see ones that crawl this earth, so natural in […]


Not even death can defeat Jesus. Not even the wicked ways of men and women-so wicked that they’d be willing to kill a man who is only proclaiming a love that was unlike anything before-so wicked they nailed him to a cross and watched him bleed to death. watched him hang by the very flesh […]

Humanity Within

This isn’t the most pleasant of photos. This isn’t a perfect image of me posing well or looking my best. This is me after crying for ten minutes. This is a real, raw, version of me that for some reason I felt safe to share on this blog that maybe three people read. I can’t […]

time is but a sweet memory

Here’s a little poem that one day might become a song. It’s about my best friend and I escaping to Florida from the cold, very (VERY) last minute. I remembered our time in Florida when we got home and it felt like it was a dream, so fleeting and friendly, SO fleeting I almost missed […]

Slow Dancing with Love

Before I begin to let my mind loose on you, I must admit I’m a bit intimidated about this subject- The painful, longing, desperate craving for a romantic relationship when you’re not necessarily ready for one. Warning: Marija was hurt in the making of this new perspective. Proceed at your own risk.  I grew up […]

The Secret to Love

———- How do you become brave enough to give love to others, unashamed of the aftermath, without a second thought of whether they deserve it or not? I’m going to tell you this right now- go ask someone else. When it comes to loving others around me I can say what I want and pretend […]


i used to call the tears that sunk into my pores, unfiltered and dirty emotion. i used to call the overwhelming need to breathe a clearer air, tangled and selfish ambition. i used to call my hearts whisper for those who my soul had cried for, a sound too loud that should be silenced. and […]


i want to go back to when life was just about discovering the next part of myself…it’s seems within the growth, i have lost the core of my being. the more i push myself to give the aspects of me that i find my identity in, the more i feel stagnant. day to day, life […]